"What Private Security used to be... only IMPROVED"
Article – April 20, 2012
Evolution of Private Security:

Do you remember how the security industry was during your childhood? You may not. What you may also forget is the frequency of the liability issue, or lack thereof. Twenty to Thirty years ago quality and liability in your security service was not frequently an issue. It was a job that needed to be done, and done it was. The need for quality assurance, training, professionalism, and experienced management wasn’t even on the radar. It was already assumed. The industry and it’s dedicated owners thrived.

Unfortunately, private security soon became inundated with entrepreneurs focused on one thing, Trading a commodity. Standing on the shoulders of those who considered it to be a trade, peddlers of private security services allowed ‘quality’ to quickly fall by the wayside. In response, many companies strategically began to sell that quality back to the customer. Yes, the same quality that once was ingrained in every employee and worn proudly on every badge was now being sold as a whole new idea. Sadly, very few truly ever have the intent of doing anything different. What is referred to as ‘quality’ has merely been a concept with which contracts could be won. Although, many companies have survived this onslaught of dollar-driven business and have held true to the fundamental values of protecting the property and lives of others. But they’re not as easy to find as you may think. In fact, those that ARE easy to find are often paying for that luxury. And where do you suppose the expense is landing?

So what can a potential client do? How does one find a truly committed provider without having to become a specialist in private security? How does one make this article the last agonizing bit of research and just get the most out of that painfully-earned dollar? Dedication. You must be willing to ask questions of your consultant. Spend an extra couple hours making your decision before you commit. Meet with multiple providers before choosing and once committed to a contract continue taking appointments. Your provider should be constantly held accountable for the quality of the service they’re providing. Don’t be afraid to express your concerns and “shop around”. Finally, consider evaluating your provider’s ‘Third Party Accountability’ in the form of trade organizations, references, and business quality reports. But most of all, seek QUALITY before PRICE because you get what you pay for.


Super Security Services is pleased to take this opportunity to offer our security services. We have worked diligently to establish our reputation as a security organization that cares about our client’s needs. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure that security at your location is handled to your exact specifications and performed to a level which exceeds your expectations.Super Security Service offers a long history of dedication to the private security industry. Managed by active-duty police officers and highly qualified supervisors, SSS maintains a traditional and effective approach to security. We pride ourselves on a philosophy grounded in solid values and high-level business practices. It is from this high standard that great officers are produced and it shows at every client location.

We offer premium wages and benefits to the individual team member (employee), a fire/ life safety program, a multiple-unit field-supervision team with armed capability, detailed screening, 24-hour contact with management, and a proven track record in the industry. Our long-term association with our established clients and dedication to 3rd party accountability provides peace of mind in a challenging industry.

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